You Can’t Sleep, Have Brittle Nails And You Are Losing Hair? Here’s What You’re Missing!

The glands that produce stress hormones are called adrenal glands, and fatique as well as insomnia may cause problems with them.

A thyroid gland is the gland that produces hormones, and there are several symptoms that may indicate you probably have a thyroid problem such as: brittle nails, tiredness, weight gain and thinning hair.

Luckily, there is a natural remedy for this problem and it is very simply to prepare. You will need Brazilian walnuts and leaves of parsley which you should grind and after that you need to add dried raisins and honey with a little bit of grated ginger. Mix all the ingredients well.

Consume 2 tablespoons of this remedy every morning on an empty stomach, before meals.

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Click on the image to get it:

This remedy will help you to regulate the balance of your body very quickly and in a natural way since the ingredients it contains are rich in vitamin B.

Your nails and hair will become stronger, and if you lose or gain some weight due to this problem, it will all sort out.

If necessary, repeat this procedure!


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