Want To Have Healthy Eyes? Read The Following 5 Tricks

Vision is the sense that you rely upon the most. Since we live in a world that requires your eyes to routinely stare at small type and images on cell phones, computer screens, and televisions, it is important that you take steps to improve your vision. Luckily, there are a few tricks and exercises that can improve your vision.

1. Rest and relax your eyes. You should rest your eyes from the computer and TV for about 3 hours a day, especially if you notice that eyes start increasingly to ache.

2. It is nothing unusual to feel tiredness in your eyes, so when this happens, just close your fingers and gently massage the cover and the area around them.

3. When you feel fatigue from the computer, stare out the window for 2 minutes, and try to look more in the distance.

4. When you feel fatigue and tension of hard work before sleeping put a compresses of lukewarm water or chamomile tea, on your eyes.

5. When you can, perform the following exercises that will help you maintain healthy eyes and optimal vision and strengthen the eye muscles. What you should do is very simple : with your eyes follow the direction of the arrow, slowly and carefully. Repeat the exercises 3-5 times in order to get positive results.

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