Top 6 Mistakes that Make you Look Older

Wear wire-rimmed sunglasses.
We hate to be the ones to break this news to you, but John Lennon is dead. When it comes to sunglasses, we say “go big or go home.” Big sunglasses also do a wonderful job of covering any crow’s feet lines and will make sure you don’t get more of them from squinting in the sun.

Use eyeglass ropes.
We may all need to wear reading glasses, but why advertise the fact that you also misplace yours so often that you need to tie them to your body? They are not fashionable. They scream “old biddy.” Librarians may beg to disagree.

Too much black
Black is elegant in many occasions, but as we add years on our “life bouquet ” it becomes not very flattering. Our skin tends to become white, and black hair and dark clothes creates too much contrast that draws attention to the defects: wrinkles, dark circles etc. Sweeten the black hair shade in a brown and you’ll get rid of 5 years. And if you’re a little black dress fan, wear a colorful accessory.

Wearing skirts too long
Just because you have several years does not mean that your skirt should measure several centimeters in addition. As a rule, beware of undefined sizes. Skirt up to mid calf does not even advantage the 20 years old mannequins, so give it up. A mid-knee skirt suits you best louder than a clumsy one.

Wear comfort shoes.
Oh yes, we feel your pain. Foot pain is what drives otherwise rational American women to wear their Reeboks in Paris. As we age, our feet expand, develop bunions, we get Plantar Fasciitis and a host of other painful foot problems. But old-fart footwear is a dead giveaway to age. Nobody is saying you must torture yourself in a pair of stiletto heels, but more and more brands are offering stylish shoes that are comfortable.

You seem really cool wearing a silk scarf around your neck, but apart from the fact that you look like a stewardess in the 60s, this is a fixed accessory for the 60s. A scarf can be cool, but instead of wearing on the neck, you can connect your bag handles (contrasting color) or you can turn it into a silk bracelet. Also, beware of small brooches worn on the lapel. If you are a fan brooches, choose some oversized ones and use it to complete a jacket or a skirt.

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