This Will Amaze You – Sleeping On Your Left Side Every Night Has Amazing Health Benefits

A regular and good night’s sleep is very important for a healthy life. After a long day being on our feet nothing is more necessary than our bed, the place where we can be fully unwind and relaxed. We spend the greatest deal of our lives sleeping, since we sleep on average for about eight hours a day, which is about one third of our total lives.

Overnight sleep and nocturnal peace are very important for proper body and mind function. This regenerates our bodies and brains and affects our health deeply. People sleep in different positions – some like to sleep on the right side, some sleep on their backs, while others are comfortable sleeping in the fetal position.

However, some sleeping positions can be tickets for for better sleep and health. For example, sleeping on the back is dangerous for those who have asthma because it provokes breathing difficulties. On the other hand, sleeping on the right side just makes digestive diseases worse.

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The one side to sleep on, that is far and away better than all of the other sleep positions in terms of the benefits it has on our bodily health, is the left side. Sleeping on the left side can do many things, including helping us digest better and easier.

It improves the overall digestive system by allowing the body to extract nutrients and dispose of toxins faster and more efficiently. In addition, it also affects our circulation and cardiovascular health because the heart is better able to pump downhill and the blood circulates more efficiently back to the heart.

Furthermore, the left side position also allows for bile and wastes to travel more freely through the body and helps improve spleen function. This results in better lymphatic drainage and more toxins leaving the body, with less overall stress and negative impacts to our health.

Dr. John Douillard explains these benefits in greater detail and covers much more in the accompanying video. It’s incredible how much of a difference the position that you sleep in can have on your body.

Try to make the switch as soon as possible if you are not sleeping on your left side already. Every one of us has a habitual, preferred way of sleeping and it can be very hard to break that habit, but it is possible to change using several minor adjustments.

Train your body to sleep on the left side by switching on a light that’s located on the right side of where you sleep. Your body will naturally want to face away from the light source and you’ll turn on to the left side. People have already used numerous other ways to effectively change sleep positions. You just have to find out which one will likely work for you.



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