The Vitamin B17 Is Banned Since It Cures Cancer!

This vitamin is in a way the extract of an apricot kernel and is really healthy! It is not much known that the American Medical Association and the American Cancer Society, also the American Food and Drug Administration wanted to prevent people to get or use the B17. Just because it is anticancer!

It was the same with medical experts, when they wanted to save people with this vitamin, there were problems.

A woman decided to use this vitamin and save her life so she began her B17 curing. When she started taking this, her cancer was in remission.  But the cancer appeared again and she stopped with the vitamin.

The she shunned the chemo and wanted to cure with B17. After 10 weeks of this vitamin, she was amazingly improved. She used to take 500 mg, twice daily and removed 5 malignant tumors so now she is cancer-free.

The video has the rest of the information.



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