The Secret To Relieving Back Pain Is In Your Feet! Do These 5 Exercises In Just 15 Minutes

Feet are a very important part of human body , when we’re doing any type of physical activity, they are the hardest working body part,  they back every movement and this is why proper care of the feet will prevent back, hip and knee pain.

Acupressure,as a part of the ancient Chinese medicine is about  putting  pressure on certain points on the body it can help you relieve stress, stimulate the function of different organs and treats some health conditions.


1.Toe Presses

Warm up your leg muscles with  toe presses:

– while standing, slightly bend your knees then grip the floor with your toes and hold in that position until you  count to three.

Repeat three times  10 sets each time.

2.Toe Walking

Just stand on your tiptoes

-move forward for 20 seconds.

-rest 10-15 seconds and

-walk again 5 more times.

Do it twice a day.

3.Ankle circles

– Lie on the back

– extend one leg overhead

– rotate clockwise the ankle of the extended leg until you count to 10

-switch legs and

-make a repetition with your other leg.

Do this exercise every day!

4.Resisted Flexion

-Sit on the floor,

-straighten the feet in front of you

– wrap an exercise band around the bedpost

-put the band on the top of your feet

-lean backward in order to tighten the band

-band the foot backward and keep this position for 5 seconds.

Make a break, and repeat 10 times more.

5.Toe Pencil Pickups

-Place a pencil on the floor

– lift it off the floor for 10 seconds then you can release it.

Do 5 repetitions for both feet.

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