The onset of spring comes with everyone making a resolve to lose their weight and get into better shape. Your hips and the thighs are the most difficult parts of your body when it comes to reducing the additional centimeters.

Most of the fats on your thighs get deposited on the inner and outer parts. There are 3 things that you can do to target and get rid of them. These are:

– Regulating your daily calories intake

– Exercise regularly (make sure they are effective)

– Drink plenty of water

There are a set of exercises that you can do at your home. There is no need to visit the gym. All you have to do is exercise just 12 minutes daily. It will help you in cutting at least a centimeter of your hips and thighs in just 1 week. Remember, the exercise requires you to work hard, but you will certainly be amazed by the results.

Thousands of women have already used these exercises to cut down the fat deposits around their thighs.

1. Plie Squats (30 seconds)

Stand in a position with toes facing out and knees open. Move your hips down and return to initial positions. You can put your hands wherever you want.

2. Side Lunge (30 seconds each side)

Now stand and come out to one side and bend your knees further. Repeat on the same leg for 30 seconds and then switch to other side. Make sure not to let your knee too far over your ankle. The weight should be over your heels and the knee should not go over the toe.

3. Squat & Kick (60 seconds)

Go into a squat and kick it out with one leg each time. Try to kick as high as you can. Make sure that your hands are kept in a way they are neutral.

4. Skater Hops (30 seconds)

Do skater hops the same way skaters do to move forward by moving one leg back across from side to side.

5. Inner Leg Lift (30 seconds each side)

Lie down on your left side supporting your weight on your left elbow. Lift your left leg up and move down. Repeat for 30 seconds on each side. Make sure there’s a soft bend on your knee. The foot shouldn’t touch ground.

6. Leg Circles (30 seconds each side x both directions)

Now maintain the same position as with Inner Leg Lift. Put your other hand on your waist and rest the bottom leg on the ground (with knees bent). Rotate the upper leg in circles. Bend the knee softly. After 30 seconds repeat with other leg.

Then repeat the same sets by rotating your legs in the opposite direction.

7. Outer Leg Lift (30 seconds each side)

In the same position get your top up into a plank and lift your upper leg. If maintaining the plank is difficult, lay your bottom leg on the floor with a knee bend and then lift your top leg. Do for 30 seconds and then repeat with other side.

8. Fire Hydrants (30 seconds each side)

Get on your all fours. Keep your knees close together. Start with lifting the left knee sideways while balancing the lower weight on the right knee. Do for 30 seconds and repeat with other side.

9. Fire Hydrant Kick (30 seconds each side)

Get into the same position. This time kick your leg out on one side and then repeat with the other side.




Exercise for Legs

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