Mix Lemon and Coconut Oil for Changing Grey Hair to a Natural Color

Both old and young people can have this problem. This is triggered by hormone imbalance, hypo and hyperthyroidism, bad nutrition, nutrients deficit, electric dryers, colorings, chemicals, chemo, radiation, gene issues and more.

The chemical items for the hair are harsh in chemicals and make the hair dull, dry, flat and damaged. So, try a home cure that will resolve this. Also, have healthy meals along this.

Stop early greying with coconut-lemon mix

This oil is great for the hair since it kills microbes and has lauric acid. Also it has medium chain acids and makes the hair strong, scalp healthy and promotes new hair too. Use the oil to keep all proteins and leave the hair undamaged.

If you use this for a longer time, you can even reverse the grey hair that appeared with the help of the antioxidants. Doctors say the lemon juice stops this and give the hair vitamins B and C, phosphorus for nourishment.

The recipe

You need:
  • 3 tsp lemon juice
  • Coconut oil
How to make it?
  • Mix the oil with the 3 tsp juice. You need a lot of oil for the whole hair.
  • Apply this on the hair and massage it. After 60 minutes, rinse and shampoo.

Do this weekly.

The oil on regular basis will remove dandruff permanently and also mix it with warm water and castor oil, for the dandruff use. Massage the scalp always.

Source: unknownremedy.com

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