Mix for Flushing Nicotine from the Body

The body needs 48-72 hours to eliminate nicotine of the body. Tartar cream is a miracle item that removes nicotine from you. After 1 week of this treatment you will see that this costs less than ¼ pack of Nicorette. Tartar cream is really healthy and it is good even for non-smokers, as well as diet regimes.

This cream is known also as potassium hydrogen tartrate. It means this is the sediment of the wine barrel bottom. No alcohol though!

The benefits

Stop smoking

Tartar cream removes nicotine of the body and makes you repulsed by the cigarette taste. Drink this cream with OJ if you need to stop smoking. The OJ gives you vitamin C and cleanses the nicotine well. Have this every night for a whole month.

Reduced arthritis pain

In 100 g tartar cream you get 2 mg magnesium. Dr. Sircus says the mg molecules affect the inflammation directly. NaturalRemediesCenter.com says you need to mix 2 tbsp tartar cream and 3 tbsp Epsom salt for a daily soak bath. Soak for 40 min every day. This mix is great for arthritis pain.

Less UTIs

As to the EverydayRoots.com the UTIs get relieved by changing the pH in the urine and making unfriendly environment for bacteria that causes UTIs. Mix 1 and ½ tsp tartar cream and 1 cup warm water. Add some lemon juice drops 2 times daily.

Clearing acne

Leaf.tv writer, T. Pennypacker said this cream is acidic and can fight acne and clear the skin too. Never put this cream directly on the face, instead make a drink with 1 tsp tartar cream and 8 oz OJ or water. Have this daily and remove bacteria and toxins that cause the skin problems.

Lowered blood pressure

If the potassium levels are low you might develop hypertension. In 100 g tartar cream you get 16.500 mg potassium and in case of high blood pressure talk with the doctor to see if this is due to deficit in potassium. Also, have this cream at nighttime before sleeping.

Source: www.naturalhealthyteam.com

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