Make your Nail Polish Last Longer Naturally

Does it happen to you frequently after you just finished you manicure the nail polish immediately to break off?

  1. Before you polish your nails, rub your nails in lemon juice. Lemon juice is an excellent base for nail and, as it contains vitamin C and strengthens your nails.
  1. Another method for nail polish to last longer on your nails is to wipe your nails with a cotton pad soaked in vinegar before using it as a base and nail varnish. He will remove any sebum and leave nails clean and grease. This way you’ll prevent nail polish from bursting or breaking long after.
  1. Apply nail in two directions. Start vertically, then go horizontally, parallel to the nail tip, where there is an increased risk to chip. Following the natural line of the nail, nail polish will last longer.
  1. The nail oil helps drying nail and in nails protection, so once you have done your manicure, use a spray in which  you added olive oil or other natural oil, and sprinkle your nails with it. That will help the cuticle to be more hydrated

Make your Nail Polish Last Longer Naturally 556