Lighten your Hair Naturally

Do you want to get a few lighter shades this summer but without going to the salon? The good news is that the answer to the hair lightening may be right in your kitchen.

1) Lemon.

Probably the most popular natural lightening ingredient, lemon contains plenty of citric acids that lift color and offer sunny highlights. Mix a ¼ of a cup of water with one cup of lemon juice in a spray bottle and shake. As lemon can dry your hair, it is recommended to add a bit of conditioner or a nourishing oil to counteract the dryness. Spray it over hair and hang out in the sun.

2) Honey.

Honey is the perfect ingredient, as it contains amounts of hydrogen peroxide and it’s moisturizes the hair to counteract the drying effects of lightening. Honey is sticky and a pain to wash out of hair, so try mixing it with a bit of water or vinegar in order to the application and removal far more easier. Cover your hair with the mix and then put on a cap and leave it on during the night.

3) Chamomile.

Chamomile’s natural golden hue and its chemical makeup, work together to amplify the blonde shades of your hair. Mix a strong pot of chamomile tea and then let it cool down. Saturate the areas you want to lighten in the tea, then go out in the sun until it’s dry. The sun will work with the chamomile to brighten your hair strands naturally. Chamomile has gentle action on hair, so that you can even use it to lighten salon highlights without concerns of brassiness.

4) Cinnamon.

Cinnamon is kind of a revelation as it subtly lightens dark hair without brassiness or inappropriate tones. Moist your hair and distribute conditioner over the hair so that the cinnamon has something to stick to. Make a paste out of cinnamon and a small amount of water and work it into your hair, being sure to coat each strand from top to bottom. You can leave it in for as long as you like, but overnight will get you the most results. Cinnamon is one of the safest lightening ingredients, so there’s no harm in repeating the process frequently


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