If You See Your Child Sitting In This Position, Stop It Right Away! The Child Is In Danger!

It’s not strange when we see somebody sitting in a position shape of the letter W, especially kids do that.

This position as is described in the photo bellow, it can cause serious problems that many of us are not aware.
Sitting in this way can create an inner hip rotation and creation of predisposition for development of serious orthopedic problems!

Moreover, this position causes muscle deformation and contraction, as well as improper bone development.If you talk to any professional orthopedist he will 100% support this claim.

The main problem is, in this position the torso muscles cannot maintain body balance normally as a result of the effect of gravitation that exceeds the basic body gravity center. It is very important not to develop a habit to sit like this, also you need to teach your children as well. Try to teach them to sit with the legs straightened up.



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