How Much Water You Need for Your Body Weight?

The human body is made of water and every cell and tissue is made of it too, with no water it will die off or get sick.

To be hydrated is very crucial and vital for weight loss and more energy.

The majority of chemical reactions require hydration a lot and metabolizing food is one such process. Bad hydration means slow metabolism and less weight loss.

WebMD said that even 1% dehydration means a big metabolism drop.

Stop overeating with water

When we are hungry or thirsty, the body can get confused and instead of having water, we overeat of boredom. Have lots of water before meals to feel fuller.

Here is the list of things caused by dehydration: low pressure, constipation, muscle cramps, weakness, dry mouth, dizziness, fainting, heart issues, headache, dry skin and more.

Mercola said chronic dehydration can impact the organs and even cause kidney stones, constipation, cholesterol issues, liver, joint and muscle damage too.

How much water I need?

It depends just on the weight primarily. So more weight needs more water, logically. To see how much you need, take these in consideration:

Take the weight

Multiply by 67% or 2/3. That way you see how much ounces you need daily. If you re 133 lbs than you need 89 oz per day.


it is best to say 12 oz daily is good if you do workouts almost every day but see this too

  •  100 lbs – 67 oz
  •  110 lbs – 74 oz
  •  120 lbs – 80 oz
  •  130 lbs – 87 oz
  •  140 lbs – 94 oz
  •  150 lbs – 100 oz
  •  160 lbs – 107 oz
  •  170 lbs – 114 oz
  •  180 lbs – 121 oz
  •  190 lbs – 127 oz
  •  200 lbs – 134 oz
  •  210 lbs – 141 oz
  •  220 lbs – 18 oz
  •  230 lbs – 154 oz
  •  240 lbs – 161 oz
  •  250 lbs – 168 oz.


Hydration tips

Daily routine

Having a glass of water in the morning and also before bed gives 32 oz more to the benefit of your goal.

Small goals

Use reusable bottles so that you can mark on them and set small goals. Draw markers on the bottle as motivational method.

Jazz it up

To make water taste better, avoid calories and sugar, add cucumber, berries, lemon and slice this up, then add it to a diffuser.




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