Eliminate Back Fat and Underarm Flab with 4 Quick Exercises

Having a great looking body can be a lot of hard work requiring commitment and discipline.
If you have underarm flab and fat on your back it can be really unpleasant, however there are 4 simple exercises you can try out today to help get rid of this problem.

1. The Elbow Kiss Exercise (works well for your shoulders and chest)
At shoulder level let your arms be raised at your sides.
Ensure that you face your palms up.
Bend your elbows at a 90 degree angle and ensure that your arms are held up at your chest.
Do not raise your shoulders, then gently return to the starting position by reversing the process.
Try out 3 sets of between 10 to 12 repeat trials.

2. The Push And Touch Exercise (effective for your chest, shoulders, and upper back)
First, stand with your arms down your sides, make sure your palms face forward and at a shoulder-width apart.
Next, lift up your arms to the level of your shoulders, make sure that your palms face the ceiling.
Don’t be alarmed if you feel a burning sensation it’s normal, gently start raising your arms over your head.
Your palms should be behind you, afterwards return your arms to the level of your shoulders keep it there for a while and then return to your original position.
Keep your entire body firm and do not move in any way.
Try out 3 sets consisting of between 6 to 8 repeats.
3. Try Out The Crisscross Reverse Fly (works well for your upper back and shoulders)
You should bend your knees slightly while your torso is leaning forward at about 45 degrees.
Let your arms be crossed at their wrists and just in front of your knees.
Then raise your arms gradually up to your shoulder level, then gently let it down to your starting position.
Use your other hand and repeat this exercise, try out 3 sets of between 10 to 12 repeats and make sure your opposite hand is crossed in the process.

4. The Bent-over Circular Row Exercise (great for your biceps, chest, mid-back, and upper back region)
Keep your abs firm while you bend your knees.
Lean forward in order for your upper body part to be parallel with the ground.
Extend your hands to the ground.
Next, make circular motions with your arms, starting from the left, then up to your chest. You then move to the right and then down.
Get to the other side and repeat this circular motion.
Try out 3 sets of between 10 to 12 repeats.
You can get the best results from these 4 exercises when you try them for a minimum of 12 minutes and for three times in seven days or one week and also for a three week duration.

Source/Reference: www.healthandhealthyliving.com | healthyfoodworld.net


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