EASIEST way to prepare a Homemade Face Scrub

There are a lot of natural homemade face scrubs. You just need to make the ingredients combination that best fits your skin type and needs. You need to read various skin recipes until you are able to custom the suitable scrub for your face.
Hereafter an effective scrub which is appropriate for many skin types will be presented that will assist in making our skin brighter and clearer.
Hereafter you will discover how easy is to prepare a scrub with ingredients already in your kitchen. You only need 2 ingredients (the third one being optional)

What you have to do?

  • a natural scrub: the most used and handy scrub ingredients are already in your kitchen, the salt or sugar in their different types; most people tend to use sugar because of its texture and taste; nevertheless you are free to choose each or both of them as they are equally efficient.
  • an oil: olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil
  • optional is the third ingredient: a fruit or vegetable (banana peel, cucumber or kiwi) as after the skin is scrubbed it needs nourishment
  • mix well all 3 ingredients together until you get an uniform paste.

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