DIY for Whiter Teeth

It’s better and more efficient to replace teeth whitening treatments with a homemade ones as they save time, money and multiple trips to the dentist. There is no risk in using homemade treatments even though people with sensitive teeth may feel some degree of pain. It is normal.

What you need is very handy and cheap:

– healthy and diversified food (apples, citrus, pears, celery, carrots, milk, yogurt, broccoli)
– whitening toothpaste
– hydrogen peroxide
– baking soda


Natural whitening toothpaste

  • hydrogen peroxide
  • baking soda
  • toothpaste
  • combine them and wash your teeth at least twice a day

This will create a more safe and natural formula that will help you get rid of the stains on the teeth.

Eat healthy foods

Certain foods are a rigger to the salivary glands and can help remove stains from your teeth, making them whiter. These foods include pears, apples, carrots, strawberries and celery.

Chew gum

Chew gum 20 minutes after a meal to promote saliva production and wash bacteria from teeth.



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