Cure Your Back And Neck Pain Permanently

Back pain can be provoked by many factors like:

-strained muscles,



-spinal stenosis,


and many more.

Acute and last up to one month or it goes away spontaneously without any treatment and in a rare case, the pain becomes chronic it need to be tested and treated .

Before you run in your doctors office read this:

Tips for a Healthy Back

Exercise because too much sitting weakens the waist muscles and can cause back pain.

New  mattress is  proven to improve the quality of life and eliminate back pain.

Sleeping on your stomach – need to avoid .

Regular walks for about 30 minutes every day and hiking  relaxes the back muscles.

Avoid lifting heavy objects.If you must lift heavy things, bend your knees and crouch first.

Back Pain Can Be Transmitted

Pain in the shoulders can be caused by:

Stiffly shoulders
Fractures bones in the hand
Unstable shoulder joints
Possible Causes of the Spread of Neck Pain

Neck pain is either acute or chronic and can be caused from:

Stretching like: tendon, muscle or ligament.

Risk factors that can lead to stretching and cramping of the neck muscles are:

Poor posture while sitting
Lack of physical activity
Long term sitting
Poor posture during sleep

How to Reduce Pain at Home

Put cold or hot compresses on the painful area  for around 2 or 3 hours to efficiently reduce pain.

Exercise your neck and back to strengthen the neck and back muscles and  to reduce the risk of chronic pain.

Massage  from  a professional masseur, or massage from someone close can do the trick

Change :

-your pillow and

-the position you sleep in.

And last :

eliminate stress.

Do lots of relaxation exercises like meditation and yoga.

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