Can You Spot a Heart Attack Months Ahead of Time? Here’s What to Look For

The signs leading up to a heart attack don’t start hours or minutes before , but health professionals from My Life Stages say that its in the months prior.

Can you  experience symptoms of a heart attack months ahead of time?
Zi-Jian Xu, a health cardiologist at Sutter Health, said  YES !

And My Life Stages and the Mayo Clinic, gives a list of symptoms :

-Radiating chest pain
-Heaviness or discomfort
-Heart palpitations
-Cold sweats
-Shortness of breath

Women experience subtle indicators :

-General sense of unease
-Vague discomfort
-Back or abdominal pain
-Less stamina
When to see a doctor?
Regular visits with your doctor may help but if you have symptoms , contact your doctor immediately  to be able to prevent heart attacks by  becoming more active and eating a healthier diet.

What other considerations should one make?

Men and women that are :


-have a history of heart disease or heart attacks,

-have high blood pressure,

-high cholesterol and

-are older

are at a higher risk.

If you fall into one or more of these categories you must be extra careful .

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