Best Exercises To Lose Arm Fat In A 7 Days

Flabby arms are caused by gradual deposition in the arm region and it is really difficult to get rid of fat in this area.

The older we get the more our body stores up fat and in a variety of parts in our body our arm is one area where fat is stored.

Causes Of Arm Fat

– Decreased metabolism as a result of old age is also a factor responsible for arm fat.

– A sedentary lifestyle can lead to an accumulation of fat deposits in the arm area.

In preventing arm fat you have to pay attention to your diet as it is so important. You need to eat food comprising of vitamins and essential minerals as well as fiber rich food. Eat more proteins than slow-burning carbohydrates as well.

Here are some tips you can adopt today to cut down your fat deposits and prevent arm fat.

– Small Meals Are Better

Avoid eating heavy meals at a time. Eat small meals at several times of the day, it will make you feel full easily.

– Breakfast Is Key

Breakfast is truly the mist important meal of the day and you should not miss it as you tend to eat more throughout the day if you miss it.

– Drink Sufficient Amounts Of Water

You will speed up your metabolism when you drink water, if you drink water before meals you will consume less.

– Take Green Tea

You will burn calories more when you drink green tea and it will also give you energy. You can drink between 3 and 4 cups daily.

– Regular Daily Cardio Exercises Are Effective

Engage in exercises that work your cardiovascular system like swimming, jogging, skip roping, rowing and climbing. You will lose fat quickly this way.

– Take The Stairway

Another way of giving your cardiovascular system a good work out and to help you burn fat quickly is to use the stairway to your apartment or office rather than the elevator.

Try out these tips today and watch as your overall body weight index drops, you lose fat and stay healthier in the process.

Source: My Healthy Book


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