Banana peels for skin

We see banana peels so useless nowadays, hard to take of bananas and ok, they have served enough their duty and 90% of people and characters in cartoons slipped at least once in their lifetime. Surprisingly banana peels have suddenly become a treasure in any woman face treatments as they are so beneficial for skin texture (moistures and rejuvenates) and acnes.
Bananas peel is a great source of potassium and antioxidants and have a tremendous ability to dramatically reduce irritation, redness and scars.

How can we use bananas peels?
  1. First of all you have to eat a banana – it is so tasty and healthy!
  2. Take a small piece of the peel
  3. Rub the inside of the peel gently over the affected area until the peel gets brown. Replace it and repeat the process.
  4. Let the banana peel dry and do its spectacular effect
  5. Rinse it off
  6. Do it as often as you can

You will benefit from rapid and outstanding results as you skin will be clearer within a few days!

And that’s not all!
It has various other uses some of them listed below:


Rub the banana peel everyday for a week on your teeth for about a minute. This actually results in teeth whitening, which can cost a lot of money otherwise.


Banana peel assists in removing warts and prevents the occurrence of others. Rub the banana peel on the affected area or tie the peel on it.


Apply the banana peel on the painful area. Leave it there till the pain is gone. Vegetable oil mixed with banana peel also is good in pain relief.


Simply apply the banana peel on the psoriasis area. Banana peel will moisturize and reduces itchiness. It will quickly heal psoriasis and results will be visible rapidly.

Bites by mosquito

Massage the peel on the mosquito bites to get relief from the itching or pain.

Banana peels for skin4

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