Are You Constantly Getting Sick? Do You Know That Almost All of the Diseases Come Through Your Legs? Here’s How To Detox Your Legs From All of the Toxins

If you want to have healthy body you need to detoxify it from all the toxins. The best way to achieve that is by applying onion coating on your feet before bedtime. This amazing onion coating provides powerful antibacterial properties, essential for improving your blood circulation and most importantly, for eliminating all the toxins from your body.


– Onion –as the main ingredient of this coating
– Transparent foil
– Warm socks


In order to prepare this coating, first you need to cut the onion into thin slices and wait for a few minutes, or until the onion juice appears on the onion slices. Then place these onion slices on your feet. Next you need to wrap your feet in a transparent foil and finally you need to put on some thick socks.

If you want to warm your feet, you can use wool socks. The foil will keep this coating steady and tightly attached to your feet. The best thing is that you don’t have to worry about any unpleasant odors, because there won’t be any.

However, before placing this coating you should apply some greasy cream or almond oil on your feet if your skin is too sensitive to onions.

Furthermore, when you wake up in the morning, you should take off your socks, eliminate the coating, wash your feet by using cold water and at least, put on some wool socks in order to warm your feet. As a result of this, your blood will start circulating very quickly and therefore this awesome natural treatment is extremely useful for those people who suffer from diabetes and poor circulation, as well.

Also, it is recommended for those who have any health issues, but it can also be beneficial for perfectly healthy people. It can be applied when you experience fever, flu, or pneumonia.



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