Ancient Medicine: Press And Apply Pressure On Your Right Finger To Eliminate Stomach Ache, Insomnia, Fear, Headache…

In this article you will learn more about ancient Japanese alternative medicine.

Jin Shin Jyutsu says that if you use pressure on one of your fingers you could eliminate different types of pain, insomnia or even certain mental blockage.

1. Thumb

If you apply pressure on the thumb you could eliminate stomach pain or any pain in the abdomen area. Because of this method you will reduce anxiety, depression, sorrow and nervousness.

2. Index finger

If you apply pressure on the index finger you can solve any kind of bladder or kidney related problems. You will get rid of cramps, reduce fatigue; eliminate back pain and digestive system related problems.

3. Middle finger

If you hold and apply pressure on the middle finger you can eliminate liver problems and calm your nerves. You will be able to overcome stress and insecurity.

Your cardiovascular health will be improved and you will eliminate headache, vision problems and menstrual pains.

4. Ring finger

By applying pressure on the ring finger you can eliminate problems with the digestive tract or lungs. It will help you with any breathing problems or stress.

5. Little finger

In case of heart problems, throat pain, panic attacks, bone related problems, bloating, loneliness and anxiety you should apply pressure to your little finger.


Ancient Medicine

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