9 Mistakes you could make when removing make-up

A list of possible mistakes of makeup removal couldn’t be done without including the biggest one. Never forget to remove makeup at night, however the mood you are in, the tiredness or how little the makeup is on the face. While sleeping the skin cells regenerate, but if you let your pores clogged with makeup it won’t be able to carry out the regeneration process.

1. The primary rule of makeup removal is just do it!

2. You let the lips until last

Your lips should not be the last to be removed but the first! No matter what the color is, nude or a intense long-lasting, when you remove it, some of it is bound to get smeared on your face. Make this first job that you do when you remove cosmetic products from your face, and any smears will get removed later with the rest of your makeup.

3. You are using only makeup wipes

Most of us prefer makeup wipes as they are rapid and handy to be used but be aware of the fact they don’t do a thorough job of it. Makeup wipes don’t cleanse your skin appropriately since only the top layer of makeup is removed. They are just good for the first step of makeup removal and you will still need to cleanse after that.

4. You are not tying your hair

You need to tie your hair up as this will stop your hair getting covered in gunk, it’s also so that you can remove the makeup, right up to the hair line.

5. The wrong sense in which you wipe away mascara

Pay careful attention at the direction in which you remove mascara as this can lead to lashes break and fall. You have to remove it in the direction lashes grow to avoid this.

6. Not allocating sufficient time for your eyes

The skin around your eyes is very sensitive and if you rush the removal of eye makeup, you may bruise eye cells and the skin gets irritated easily.

7. You are not using wipes at all

We already mentioned that wipes alone can’t do the entire job effectively. First of all use a wipe to take off the layers of makeup, and then use a cleanser to cleanse deeply.

8. You are not double cleansing

Double cleanse is efficient in order to be sure you free pores entirely. Remove the makeup and cleanse your face once, then wash and then cleanse your face again. This is how skin gets a super clean and the blood circulation will be stimulated offering a vivid and rosy skin.

9. You are not using steam

You don’t have necessarily to use steam every time you remove the makeup but it is essential to do it once in a while as  it will get your pores very clean. Soak a towel in some hot water, let it cool for a while and put it over your face for a some minutes. The steam will open up your pores, so that any residue of makeup will come easily out of your pores.

Choose beautiful!


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