10 Lipstick Rules Every Woman Must Know

Every girl desires sensual and full lips with the right colour as they express femininity and sex-appeal. The thought of getting the right colour and the right pout is no ordinary task, unless you follow these easy but important steps for the perfect pout.

1) Exfoliate
Treat your lips just like you would treat your face. Ex-foliate lips, moisturise with a balm. Repeat the regimen daily.

2) Keep minimal make-up
It’s always safe to highlight only one feature of your face. If you are going for bold lips then better keep the rest of your face makeup minimal for perfect balance.

3) Not too much Sparkle
“Shimmer can look cheap,” says make-up artist Troy. Look for lipsticks with a creamy finish. “Light reflection should come from moisture in the formula, not metallic pigments,” he says.

4) Choose the right colour
Finding the right shade is important. Different colours work differently on various complexion types, so try on a bunch of shades before zeroing down on the most suitable one. Advice: go for a shade that complements your skin tone. Lighter shades of reds and burgundy look fabulous with warm skin tones, while pinks and true reds work brilliantly for fairer skin.

5) Use primer
Always use primer before you start applying the lipstick. Because
– it will give the lipstick shade a better colour contrast.
– it will help your lipstick last longer (throughout the day).
In case you run out of primer or you don’t have one, you can use foundation instead.

6) Pick up liner
They say liner can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Either case liner has a significant role in achieving the perfect pout. Just find the right lip liner, probably a shade that’s closest to your lip colour, and outline your lips before applying the lipstick. This will give the required shape to your lip, either making them fuller or thinner. It also keeps your lipstick from feathering. FYI: Opting a much darker shade than your lipstick is the worst make-up disaster.

7) Start in the middle
Always. Start your lipstick applying session from the centre of your lips and then spread outward with the help of lip brush. Experts always use lip brush when applying lipstick because it leave less room for mistakes as compared to applying it directly from the tube.

8) Soften edges
Just smudge the border of your lips slightly so as to get a natural, not-overly-done look.

After you are done applying lipstick, blot it with a tissue, then apply another layer. Blotting removes excess oils and emollients from the first layer of lipstick while leaving the pigments largely intact. “Blotting will create a base, and the second coat adds shine and coverage,” says Troy. Adding a second layer of lipstick after blotting increases the pigment concentration in proportion to the creamy ingredients that are the enemies of lipstick longevity.

10) Wash off lipstick
Always take it off before you go to sleep. You don’t want lipstick stain all over your pillowcase, do you!? And don’t forget to exfoliate after you wash off your lipstick.

10 Lipstick Rules Every Woman Must Know