10 Home made treatments for puffy eyes


Green tea or black tea are great to soothe puffy, irritated eyes. They both contain caffeine which assists in constricting blood vessels and decrease swelling. You can also try  chamomile tea which contain anti irritants that soothe redness and inflammation. Steep 2 bags of your choice of tea in hot water  and then let it cool until the bags are just warm. Put tea bags over the eye. This is recommended in winter period. During summer put the cooked bags in the fridge and apply them on eyes in order to refresh them.


The traditional and handy method of reducing puffiness. Spoons are good utensils for helping your eyes reduce to normal proportions but on the short term only. Put a few spoons in the fridge and wait until they get really cool. Close your eyes, and place one spoon (curved down) on each eye. As it gets warm, replace it with a cold one from the fridge.


Lean your head back, apply a slice on each closed eye, and stay relaxed for five to ten minutes while the cucumber cure your puffiness.

Egg whites.

Whip up 1 egg white until stiff, and apply with a brush or soft cloth underneath your eyes. The skin will feel tighter and the puffiness will look reduced.


Potato starch acts as an anti-inflammatory factor and heal the eyes’ irritation.  Peel one potato, wash and dry it. Grate the potato very finely, place the pulp in thin cloth and fold to make a application. Put the application on your eyelids for around 15 minutes.

Cold water.

It is annoying in the morning when you get up and your eyes are so puffy that you have nothing to do them in those remaining 15 minutes in which you have to get ready. The most time-efficient and handy solution is simply, wash your face lots and large splashes of water. It is a rapid method as the blood vessels constricts and the swelling decrease in volume.

Drinking water.

Fist of all be sure you drink at least eight 8 glasses of water every day, and don’t try to replace it with sodas, coffees, or other processed drinks. Our body tends to act like a camel because it sets itself in a survive mode when it is dehydrated. So, instead of hump you have those bag around your eyes, especially in the morning.


Salt by itself does good to the eyes good. Mix 1/2 teaspoon salt into 1 quart warm water. Dip pads into the solution, and apply them to the eyelids. Rest in that position for around 10 minutes. Your eyes will deflate rapidly.


This improves circulation, which will help your body increase its fluidity, instead of accumulating. Go for a run, do some yoga, or simply take a brisk walk.

Elevate your head when you sleep.

It’s not unusual to have puffy eyes when you wake up. There is a plausible explanation for this: when you are lying down for several hours horizontally the fluid resting under your eyes is being pulled down by gravity. To avoid it, you should try using an extra pillow while sleeping so that the fluid is so down when you get up.